Akbar Alipour

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MRI Conditional Actively-Tracked Metallic Electrophysiology Catheters and Guidewires with Miniature Tethered Radio-Frequency Traps: Theory, Design and Validation
Cardiovascular interventional devices typically have long metallic braids or backbones to aid in steerability and pushability. However, electromagnetic coupling of metallic-based cardiovascular interventional devices with the radiofrequency (RF) fields present during Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) can make a device unsafe for use in an MRI scanner. We aimed to develop MRI conditional actively-tracked cardiovascular interventional devices by sufficiently attenuating induced currents on the metallic braid/tube and internal-cabling using miniaturized resonant floating RF traps (MBaluns). We provided electromagnetic simulation revealing MBalun critical dimensions, along with phantom heating and swine experiments that validate the designs... Read more