IEEE EMBS presents

2017 IEEE EMBC Women in Engineering (WIE) Luncheon


The following are notes from the 2017 IEEE EMBC Women in Engineering Luncheon:
Few lines from our speakers

  • Top-down support from the society
  • Attitude to/from people are important (over-sensitive vs. being aware). Don’t overreact but bring the matter back. Be internally strong and earn respect.
  • Work-life balance – we cannot sacrifice just because of societal misjudgment. We have to love ourselves first.
  • Mentor (role model) – doesn’t have to be women!
  • Be assertive – communicate professionally
  • Having ‘help’ is important in work/life balance – try to pay it back to others though!
  • Lack of confidence – don’t be enemies to ourselves.

Questions/comments raised during the event

  • Finding a mentor is difficult especially in an interdisciplinary environment – can EMBS help with this?
  • Networking afterwards?
  • Need to involve male faculty members also. Half of the input is missing.
  • Would be good to have a panel discussion at the future EMBC at sessions that are open to all (e.g. at opening ceremony)

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