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EMBS Officers

Terms expire December 31st of year indicated.

Society Officers

Executive Committee (ExCom) Voting Members

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V.P. Elects – Non-Voting Members

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Administrative Committee (AdCom) Voting Members

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Technical Representatives

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Practitioner Representatives

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Administrative Committee – Non-Voting Members (Editors)

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Conference Chairs – Non-Voting Members

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About EMBS Elections

EMBS elections are held every year in May, with nominations due in February.

How to become an EMB AdCom Candidate

AdCom members are elected for staggered three-year terms by all regular and affiliate EMBS members. If you are interested in becoming an AdCom candidate, please submit your nomination HERE.

How AdCom Members are Elected

The 17 regular, elected members of AdCom will be selected from the EMBS membership from:
5 Geographical Zones:

  • NA: North America (Reg 1-7) – 1 representative
  • LA: Latin America (Reg 9) – 1 representative
  • EU: Europe (per World Health Org) – 1 representative
  • MEA: Middle East & Africa – 1 representative
  • AP: Asia-Pacific (Reg 10) – 1 representative

Technical Representatives – 5
Practitioner Representatives – 5
Student Representative (R1-10) – 1
Young Professionals Representative (R1-10) – 1

Responsibilities of the AdCom

According to the Bylaws, 3.4 Responsibilities of the Administrative Committee
AdCom members are expected to

  • Attend AdCom Meetings, twice per year (Winter/Fall)
  • Participate in committee activities
  • Submit reports to the archives for committees that they chair and/or submit reports as delegates or representatives of EMBS.
  • Address the needs of EMBS members in their geographical regions and maintain contact with local Chapters.
  • Be responsible for the financial stability and longevity of the Society in all areas of interest (including conferences, publications, finances, and member and student activities),
  • Strategically guide the Society regarding new products and benefits, and participate fully in discussions and voting on all related issues.

EMBS provides travel funding for AdCom members to attend scheduled meetings.

Every Vote Counts!

As long as your dues are paid in full by 28 February, you will be notified electronically about voting procedures for elections in your area. Please advise the Executive Office if you prefer a paper ballot. Voting typically ends the first week of May and results are generally announced by May 30. Student members may only vote for a Student Representative.