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Changes to the EMBS Constitution & Bylaws Administration

The 2020 Administrative Committee (AdCom) Meeting was held virtually on April 28, 2020.  During this meeting a review of proposed changes to the Constitution and Bylaws were reviewed, voted upon and approved.

Date of Society Board of Governors approval: 28 April 2020
Date of Vice President,Technical Activities approval: 5 June 2020
Effective Date of Amendments: TBD – 30 days after comment window has closed

The changes to the Constitution & Bylaws have been emailed via EMBS E-News to the full membership and are posted here on for public review for the next 30 days.

The amendment becomes effective unless at least ten percent of the Society members object within 30 days after the publication or distribution of such notices.  If such objections to any propose amendments are received, then a vote by members of the Society must take place.

Brief overview of the Constitution & Bylaw changes:

  • The document has changed to follow the requested format by Technical Activities Governance
  • The Constitution and Bylaws have been updated to include “must have’s required by Technical Activities Governance
  • Re-wording of paragraphs completed by Technical Activities Governance for accuracy, clarity and to meet any new “must haves” required by IEEE
  • Amendment Procedure – Removed from the Bylaws. This process is included in the new Constitution document so will be deleted from the Bylaws.
  • Bylaw Preamble – Added to stipulate the Bylaws are supplemented by a Society Handbook with outline on how changes to Handbook can be made.
  • Definitions, Acronyms and Initials – Added to provide guidance on notations within the Bylaws.
  • Governing Documents – Added to define the governing documents, amendments, rules, procedures, approval requirements (majority vote, TA approval not required) and includes diversity statement

The Society is providing a marked copy showing deletions and additions and a clean copy for readability.

Any questions regarding the changes should be sent to the attention of the Secretary, EMBS Executive Office at

Post date: June 12th, 2020.