EMBS presents

Past Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2020: Milan Sonka (The University of Iowa, USA)

Reason for Nomination:For contributions to biomedical imaging research and education

2019: Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin

Reason for Nomination: For outstanding contributions to the biomedical engineering profession, particularly in the field of biomedical imaging, and for significant leadership and service to IEEE EMBS through technical committee, conference and educational activities.

2016: Bruce Wheeler

2015: Zhi-Pei Liang

2014: Bin He

2013: Donna Hudson

2011: Maximus A. Viergever

2010: Yongmin Kim

2009: John W. Clark Jr.

2008: Henrietta Galiana

2007: Nathalie Gosset

2006: Yuan-Ting Zhang

2005: Jose Principe

2004: John Enderle

2003: Christian Roux

2002: Swamy Laxminarayan

2001: Metin Akay

2000: Jack Iverson

1999: Jean–Louis Coatrieux

1998: Susan M. Blanchard

1996: Michael R. Neuman

1995: Charles Robinson

1994: Barry Feinberg

1993: Eli Fromme

1992: Swamy Laxminarayan

1990: Alvin Wald

1983: Eli Fromme