EMBS presents

2013 EMBS Fellows

IEEE EMBS Fellows Elevated January 1, 2013

Khosrow Behbehani
University of Texas at Arlington
for contributions to development of respiratory therapy devices in chronic pulmonary diseases
chronic pulmonary diseases

Vince Calhoun
The Mind Research Network
The University of New Mexico
for contributions to data-driven processing of multimodal brain imaging and genetic data

Andrzej Cichocki
RIKEN Brain Science Insitute
for contributions to applications of blind signal processing and artificial neural networks

Aaron Fenster
Western University
Robarts Research Institute
for contributions to medical imaging and ultrasound-guided intervention

Rolf Johansson
Lund University
Dept Automatic Control
for contributions to system identification and adaptive control

Leo Joskowicz
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Selim and Rachel Benin School of Engineering and Computer Science
for contributions to computer assisted surgery and medical image processing

Yanda Li
Tsinghua University
for contributions to research and education in signal processing and bioinformatics

Danilo Mandic  
Imperial College London
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
for contributions to multivariate and nonlinear learning systems

Cian Mathuna
Tyndall National Institute
for leadership in the development of power supply  using micromagnetics on silicon

Chris Myers
University of Utah
Dept. Electrical and Computer Eng.
for contributions to design and testing for asynchronous, analog, and genetic circuits

Michael Neuman
Michigan Technological University
Dept. Biomedical Engineering
for contributions to biomedical sensors and instrumentation with clinical applications

Christian Pichot 
French National Center  for Scientific Research (CNRS)
Antennas & Telecommunications Laboratory
for contributions to microwave tomography and antenna designs

Michael Savageau
University of California, Davis
Dept. of EEE
for application of systems engineering concepts to molecular biology

Erchin Serpedin 
Texas A&M University
Dept of Electrical and CE
for contributions to synchronization of communication systems

Stefano Soatto
University of California, Los Angeles
for contributions to dynamic visual processes

Antonius Van der Steen   
Erasmus MC
for development of ultrasound diagnostic techniques for vulnerable plaque detection