Student Chapter Awards Nominations

There are two (2) awards for EMBS Student Chapters.

  • Outstanding Performance Award for a Student Chapter or Club
  • Best New Student Chapter or Club Award

To submit a nomination for a non-student Chapter, click here.

Submit a Nomination

Award Type: (*)

Chapter Name: (*)

Nominator Information

Your Name: (*)

Your Email: (*)

Supporting Documentation

Please upload a single PDF file containing the following:

  • Chapter/Club Administration: Please detail the statistics that best represent the overall dynamic of your chapter/club.
  • Letter of Justification: Please include one letter of justification from your club/chapter – written together or by an appointed individual (e.g., the student completing this application). The letter (1,500 words or less) must explain why your chapter/club is unique, the most distinct and deserving of receiving the award.
  • Letter of Support: Please include one letter of support from either your faculty advisor or another professional who is familiar with your chapter/club activities.
  • Completed Student Chapter Award Nomination Form


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