IEEE EMBS presents

Our Physician Members

Many medical and life science problems are extremely complex. To fully understand the cause of disease and to develop appropriate treatments requires the collaboration of physicians and biomedical engineers.
Consider how many physicians work with a piece of machinery or hold a device in their hand and think that if it worked better or provided different information or were shaped differently, it would be more useful. How many physicians see a need every day in their practice for which there is no solution available? Membership in EMBS allows these physicians to actually do something about it.
Engineers turn concepts into reality. We figure out how to make things work. We solve problems. We answer questions. But we need to know that we are solving the right problems and asking the right questions. Key to the work of biomedical engineers is ensuring that the theoretical work at the bench results in practical products that have real value in the field.
Physicians are especially helpful in directing our efforts. Our physician members identify needs and provide input and feedback on the design of products, devices and diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.
Working together, we can advance healthcare technology that will advance the care of your patients.

Join us!