IEEE EMBS presents

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS)

Helping to facilitate and accelerate the advancement of engineering in healthcare is IEEE’s Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. IEEE is the largest professional society in the world, with nearly 400,000 members worldwide. As one of IEEE’s 38 societies, IEEE EMBS is the largest professional society dedicated to the technology of biomedicine. EMBS is the society that is improving and advancing technology for better diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute healthcare maladies.
The work of biomedical engineers touches so many fields and specialties. And many areas of research overlap and borrow from one another. So it is important to have an organization like IEEE EMBS that brings together professionals focusing on various disciplines to advance science and medicine at a faster pace than would otherwise be possible if everyone worked in silos.
Whether you develop or use medical technology, IEEE EMBS provides a common link to the science behind healthcare technology. Our members hail from industry, academic institutions, hospitals, labs and government agencies. Every year, at the Annual EMBS Conference, members exchange practical ideas in forums dedicated to medical product development.
While EMBS members are working in different areas of the very broad field of biomedical engineering, we share a common goal of better understanding biology and medical systems to ultimately improve global health and enhance quality of life.
Membership in IEEE EMBS provides a forum for other, like-minded individuals to exchange ideas and help advance research more rapidly. Members are given access to comprehensive coverage and breaking news on emerging trends, mature and cutting-edge technologies and research breakthroughs. Benefits include: