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Register for Sy-Bio Workshop at UT Dallas

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Nominations Open for Intelligent Health Association 2015 Awards

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Call for Nominations: IEEE Fellow Class of 2016

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Congratulations to the Newly Elevated 2015 Fellows of EMBS

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CIMIT Announces 2015 Student Technology Prize

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Register for Sy-Bio Workshop at UT Dallas

Registration is open for the Sy-Bio Workshop, 25-26 March 2015 at the University of Texas, Dallas, USA.

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 EMBS Distinguished Lecturers

Congratulations to the following EMBS Members who were selected to represent EMBS as the 2015-2016 Distinguished Lecturers!

CIMIT Announces 2015 Student Technology Prize

The 5th Annual Student Technology Prize in Primary Healthcare is a $400,000 competition for engineering student to help advance their promising clinically-relevant, primary care innovations.

Announcing a new standard for evaluating wearable, cuffless blood pressure devices

IEEE 1708™ proposes guidelines for emergent technology that is designed to enable innovative services such as beat-to-beat monitoring of blood pressure


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Dr. William Brody

EMBC 2012 Plenary Speaker: Dr. William Brody


Dr. Eric Topol

EMBC 2012 Plenary Speaker: Dr. Eric Topol


Dr. Shu Chien

EMBC 2012 Plenary Speaker: Dr. Shu Chien


For Students: Where Engineering Meets Imagination

For Students: Where Engineering Meets Imagination

Biomedical engineers talk about the field and show their incredible work that helps others, from helping those who are paralyzed, research on heart surgery and more.

Visible Heart

Visible Heart

Translational Systems Physiology. The Visible Heart is a collaboration between the University of Minnesota and Medtronics, Inc.

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  • RLIMS-P 2.0: A Generalizable Rule-Based Information Extraction System for Literature Mining of Protein Phosphorylation Information

    We introduce RLIMS-P version 2.0, an enhanced rule-based information... Read more

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